"What we do today will champion education choice rights for our children's futures."

Education Options in PA

Pennsylvania provides a fairly robust selection of education options for its families: public district, public charter, private, homeschool, education pods, microschools, and even hybrid options as offered and permitted by the education provider. 

Public District

Pennsylvania's 500 school districts offer education across the state, and also host many magnet schools that have specific themes such as math, science, technology or the performing arts.


Pennsylvania has more than 3,000 private schools, which can focus in different ways on how to educate their students; classical academies, and religious schools to name just a few, that comes in various sizes, locations and costs.  Some students may qualify assistance through the EITC or OSTC programs for private education.

Public Charter/Cyber Charter

Charter schools are public schools that operate with a greater degree of independence than traditional district schools.  Charter schools are approved by their chartering district (or in the case of cyber charters by the PDE).


Pennsylvania Law permits parents to serve as the student's primary instructor. A qualified state evaluator reviews their portfolio annually for compliance.  The student will be required to take state examinations every few years.  Many PA based homeschooling organizations are available, and may be themed in various ways, such as religious denominations or special interests.

Education Pod

Learning or education pods are organized by parents, either by parents themselves teaching, or hiring an instructor.  They are based on a family's needs, so might take place in a variety of places such as a home, community center or library meeting room.


Microschools are designed by a private organization within a specific network that arranges for a teacher to educate a small group of students for a cost.