Sharon Sedlar, Founder

A native of Pittsburgh, PA (Brookline neighborhood), my family has lived in Brentwood, PA since 2002.  My work experience includes vocational rehabilitation counseling, health, technology, and project management fields; as well as dedicated parent volunteerism for my children’s schools in both private and public school settings.

In April of 2020, I was honored to testify to the PA Senate Education Committee as an example of how education choice can save children.  Because of this phenomenal experience and overwhelming support, I feel compelled to work to protect and advance education choice for all those who need it. By starting a grassroots organization, Pennsylvania Families for Education Choice (PaFEC), I hope to inspire and motivate other families in highlighting the importance of education choice via all methods, whether homeschool, private, traditional public, charter, microschool, pod, and anything in between!


I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders.  Please come and join us!


       "What we do today will champion education choice rights for our children's futures."

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