"What we do today will champion education choice rights for our children's futures."

Together We Can Make a Difference in Pennsylvania Education

ALL children, regardless of economic status or zip code, should have full access to a wealth of quality education options to suit them.  Come and join us in working to improve the educational opportunities of ALL 1.7 million children in Pennsylvania!

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Parent Meetups

Based on demand, PaFEC has initiated a series of parent meetings to talk about current education options, and how advance them further for the benefit of ALL children and families in Pennsylvania.

"Parents saw these failures up close. It’s no coincidence that the years since 2020 have seen record growth in school choice programs that will give families a way out the next time the system fails them. Its defenders will keep coming up with endless excuses, but parents know better and are ready to fund students instead."

"As a military family, we feel compelled to serve so that everyone may have the gift of freedom. My husband puts his life on the line to protect it, while my daughter and I do everything we can to support him. We take words like “choice” and “freedom” very seriously, and believe in education options for all learners. "


"The families of our commonwealth are depending upon the General Assembly to launch us into a new education era that will be filled with opportunities for our children to learn in a safe and fulfilling environment from kindergarten to graduation; ushering in a new society in which students are no longer trapped in a school building based on demographics, zip codes, or finances." 

PaFEC Virtual Rally Video 
January 25, 2022

Mission Statement

PaFEC joins, supports, and mobilizes parents, guardians, students, and families in the pursuit of Pennsylvania education choice advocacy.  We are not anti-district; we are pro-school choice.  We advocate for individual education options for our children by highlighting stories via social media and public forums, reaching out to stakeholders, and our consistent plea of the legislature that expansion of education choice programs in Pennsylvania be continued.  Gathered together as one bold voice via education, assistance, inspiration, and enlightenment, we will be victorious in our effort.  


What we do today will champion education choice rights for our children’s futures.