"What we do today will champion education choice rights 
for our children's futures."

ALL children, regardless of economic status or zip code, should have full access 

to a wealth of quality education options to suit them.

Come and join us in working to improve the educational opportunities of ALL 1.7 million children in PA!


Our Mission

PaFEC seeks to join, support, and mobilize families and students in the pursuit of education freedom.  We are not anti-district; we are pro-school choice. We believe that parents are their child's best advocate and are uniquely positioned to choose the educational path that suits their child's particular needs. We provide stories of lived experiences of Pennsylvania families and students, and seek to collaborate with other stakeholders to protect and expand education choice opportunities in Pennsylvania. By working together and putting our children first, we can achieve positive, lasting change for the generations of today and tomorrow.

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The National Hybrid Schools Project

"The National Hybrid Schools Project is the national clearinghouse for research, data, practices, and networking for the burgeoning hybrid home school movement.


The purpose of the Hybrid Schools Project is to document and analyze the variety of independent actors who are creating these new forms of K-12 schooling outside of the conventional education system. The project explores the many ways individuals and small groups are finding different ways to serve families’ and students’ diverse needs. Over time, the project will produce unique datasets and analyses for publication. The Hybrid Schools Project will also act as a convener to bring together hybrid and microschool founders, educators, policymakers, and researchers interested in these school models."

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"It all comes down to this question: does it serve the greater good to force children to stay in schools where they are miserable to protect a public school system that the Commonwealth Court has ruled is broken?"




Allow me to submit factual information, insight, and personal experience.  This is a complex conversation, and it will require a complex solution, but to promote a policy that takes from students in need of education options without adequate facts and information is irresponsible and harmful to those children.



“I believe that children are by design curious thinkers, problem solvers and learn the best through play.  Homeschooling doesn’t mean schooling at home all the time.  It means going out and experiencing museums and listening to an interesting podcast or audiobook on the drive.  It means creating fun games for kids to play while they are learning.  It means learning fractions while baking a cake. As parents, we know our children and their needs better than anyone else.


The opportunity to homeschool my children has been the greatest gift of my life.  I would encourage anyone who is considering it to reach out to other parents that are homeschooling.  There is no one right way.  There is the way that works best for your family.  It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.”

Together We Can Make a Difference in 
Pennsylvania Education

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Parent Meetups

Based on demand, PaFEC has initiated a series of parent meetings to talk about current education options, and how advance them further for the benefit of ALL children and families in Pennsylvania.


       "What we do today will champion education choice rights for our children's futures."

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